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The future of drug testing is today!


Nowadays, poor ability of the animal models to resemble human biology represents one of the major medical research drawbacks. According to a Tufts University study, the overall cost to develop a new pharmaceutical drug exceeds 2.5 billion dollars1. Continue reading “The future of drug testing is today!”


Do you know how painkillers work?

A simple video by George Zaidan (Ted-Ed) tells us everything we need to know about how painkillers work.



The Science behind earthquakes

before after
A picture of Amatrice before and after the earthquake struck

The earthquake that struck centre Italy few days ago reminded us, once again, of Nature’s power. Nevertheless, it also firmly reminds us that human beings have the possibility to limit the damages caused by natural disaster. Continue reading “The Science behind earthquakes”

NASA study: is it more toxic caffeine or marijuana?


Set the scene: begin of 1995, some researchers of the “US National and Aeronautical and Space Agency” (NASA) decided to put aside for some time Universe’s riddles to focus on spiders and their particular way to make webs. Continue reading “NASA study: is it more toxic caffeine or marijuana?”

How Big Is Your Country?


Is the Canada bigger than Africa?

And what about Greenland? Is it twice the size of Europe?

Ok, everybody knows that the earth is a sphere, but have you ever thought that it’s quite difficult to represent it on a plan? Continue reading “How Big Is Your Country?”

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Anita Collins explains in this Ted-Educational video  how playing an instrument benefits our brain!



Travel through the body; today it is almost possible


Starting from 17 century, the histology has played a key role in the description and classification of tissues and organs. However, it is currently unavailable a 3D cellular and anatomical maps of organs… Continue reading “Travel through the body; today it is almost possible”

Taste of victory

Victory might be sweet but are the medals really sugary? We are sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no, there’s no sugar in the medals. Instead they are made of a mix of elements.

taste of victory
Marco Di Costanzo, Italy, biting his bronze medal – photo by

Continue reading “Taste of victory”

Reward circuitry boosts immunity

Smile! It is for free!

Despite employing unknown mechanisms, scientific studies have conclusively established that a tight connection between immune system and psychological and cognitive factors exists1-6. The so called “positive emotions” and overall happiness can strengthen our immune system and improve our well-being. Intriguingly, our body is even able to react differently to diverse types of well-being. Ancient philosophers distinguished between two main forms of well-being: Continue reading “Reward circuitry boosts immunity”

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