Davide Mangani
Davide Mangani, Ph.D. Student

Davide Mangani was born in Naples (Italy). He achieved his Bachelor’s degree cum laude in 2011 and Master’s degree cum laude in 2013 in Medical Biotechnology at the University Federico II, Naples. He moved his first steps in the lab joining Prof. Antonio Giordano at the Sbarro Health Research Organization in Philadelphia (USA) for three research internships, and working in Naples in the lab of Prof. Gerolama Condorelli, specifically on micro-RNA involved in glioblastoma resistance to standard therapy. He is now a PhD student at the University of Zurich where his main research activity focuses on new immunotherapeutic strategies against brain tumors in Prof. Michael Weller’s lab. Apart from his passion for Science, Davide loves studying mind’s mysteries and playing basketball.

Stefano Rosiello
Stefano Rosiello, Ph.D. Student

Stefano Rosiello was born in Naples (Italy). He received his Bachelor’s degree cum laude in 2013 from University of Naples – Federico II and Master’s degree cum laude in Computer Engineering in 2015, working on reliability evaluation for Network Function Virtualization infrastructures. In November 2015 he joined the Ph.D. course in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the same university. His main research activity focuses on overload control in carrier-grade network function virtualization and cloud infrastructures. His research interests also include experimental reliability evaluation, dependability benchmarking and fault injection testing.

Emanuele Sasso
Emanuele Sasso, Ph.D. Student

Emanuele Sasso was born in Naples (Italy). In 2011 he obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Naples Federico II in Health Biotechnologies and in 2013 Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnologies cum laude. During his training in the laboratory of prof. Nicola Zambrano, he investigated the role of several proteins involved in establishment and maintenance of hypoxia in tumor microenvironment. Then he took part in a joint effort with a Biotech company (Okairos s.r.l.), attempting to isolate monoclonal antibodies as potential biological drugs for viral and cancer-related targets, with a main focus on cancer immunotherapy. Today he is a PhD student at the University of Naples and his main efforts focus on generation of oncolytic viruses for a new generation of cancer treatment. Moreover, Emanuele loves nature, sea and has a great passion for scientific divulgation activity.

Mario Rentola
Mario Rendola

Mario Rendola was born in Naples (Italy). He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics in 2010 from University of Naples – Federico II; he got the International Master’s degree in Banking and Finance in 2013 from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan with a thesis called “Quantitive easing: a comparative analysis”, an econometrical research focused on the possibility to use this political economics in order to get positive results against financial crisis in Europe; he started his finance career in Bnp Paribas security services. In November 2015 he joined a capital management company in Geneva.

Ciro Zanca
Ciro Zanca, Ph.D.

Ciro Zanca was born and raised in the warmth of Southern Italian city of Naples. He graduated at the University of Naples, Italy, as a molecular pathologist. Moved by the dream to find a cure for cancer, he completed his education at the University of California San Diego, where he currently works as a post-doctoral fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. He studies the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in brain tumors. He loves cooking and having good food, travelling and catching mice in the lab with his smartphone.

Francesco Persico
Francesco Persico

Francesco Persico was born in Naples ( Italy ). He is doing medical studies at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the Second University of Naples (S.U.N). He has a fierce passion for medical sciences and in particular all concerned neurology and psychiatry: he has a real love for neuroscience world. Apart from his scientific interests, he has several other passions: soccer, reading, and whatever thing related to astronomy.

Ciro Zanca
Roberto Celentano

Roberto Celentano was born in Naples (Italy). Although you expect Bachelor’s Degrees and PhDs, he has none, but he hopes to get one soon as he’s studying Medicine at the Federico II – Naples University.
He is intrigued by the evolution’s path, loves life sciences and tries to understand its infinite aspects; he also loves basketball and most sports.