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The impostor syndrome


To better tell you about this incredible story, I shall first give you a brief smattering on how what we see through our eyes is then processed inside of our brain. When an image (rays of light) hits our retina, a visual signal is converted into an electrical signal and sent inside of our brain. The mental elaboration of an image is an extremely complex mechanism, and it is just crazy to think how fast and efficient this process is and how we do not consciously realize what happened in between the visual signal and its final output. In very simple words: visual data are sent to a cerebral structure, the fusiform gyrus in which objects, faces and places are subject to a primary evaluation. At this hub, the acquired visual data are subdivided through 4 main paths: the one which interests us most is the way number 3 that gets to the Amygdala. Continue reading “The impostor syndrome”


The Genome-War: are we ready to manipulate human’s DNA?



In recent years, a real revolution is ongoing in the molecular biology field. This revolution roots back to the 60’ and 70’ years of last century, when all the scientists around the world began to daydream about the possibility of curing diseases by manipulating the human genome taking advantage of the rising methodologies of recombinant DNA. Sometimes dreams come true and, nowadays, genomic manipulation is reality thanks to a newly discovered technique that allows us to specifically and accurately modify our DNA. Continue reading “The Genome-War: are we ready to manipulate human’s DNA?”

Cancer Series: Chapter 1

The emperor of all maladies – Siddhartha Mukherjee

Human body operates as a society or an ecosystem. The single members are represented by the cells, which can replicates through cellular division and organize themselves into collaborative complexes called tissues. This society is really special: the main rule is the self-sacrifice and not the survival of the stronger one. Continue reading “Cancer Series: Chapter 1”

The chic elegance of dust

Probably being the most universally accepted benchmark of charm and exclusivity, champagne has still many secrets to reveal.
Continue reading “The chic elegance of dust”

How Big Is Your Country?


Is the Canada bigger than Africa?

And what about Greenland? Is it twice the size of Europe?

Ok, everybody knows that the earth is a sphere, but have you ever thought that it’s quite difficult to represent it on a plan? Continue reading “How Big Is Your Country?”

Taste of victory

Victory might be sweet but are the medals really sugary? We are sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no, there’s no sugar in the medals. Instead they are made of a mix of elements.

taste of victory
Marco Di Costanzo, Italy, biting his bronze medal – photo by

Continue reading “Taste of victory”

Unexpected role for the immune system in controlling social behaviours

Image by Anita Impagliazzo, UVA Health System

A stunning discovery has been made at University of Virginia School of Medicine by the group of Jonathan Kipnis. In an article published on Nature this month, researchers have demonstrated that immune system can directly control brain areas which influence social behaviour.1 Continue reading “Unexpected role for the immune system in controlling social behaviours”

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