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The Genome-War: are we ready to manipulate human’s DNA?



In recent years, a real revolution is ongoing in the molecular biology field. This revolution roots back to the 60’ and 70’ years of last century, when all the scientists around the world began to daydream about the possibility of curing diseases by manipulating the human genome taking advantage of the rising methodologies of recombinant DNA. Sometimes dreams come true and, nowadays, genomic manipulation is reality thanks to a newly discovered technique that allows us to specifically and accurately modify our DNA. Continue reading “The Genome-War: are we ready to manipulate human’s DNA?”


Do you remember about Greece? The situation one year later.

07/2015 – 07/2016 Athens; one year after the referendum about accepting or not a new plan from EU to save Greece, how is the situation?

One year ago all the newspapers, websites and social networks were full of news and opinions about the Greek turmoil, and now? Why are we not caring anymore? Is the Hellenic country safe and out from the financial turmoil? Not at all. Continue reading “Do you remember about Greece? The situation one year later.”

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