Victory might be sweet but are the medals really sugary? We are sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no, there’s no sugar in the medals. Instead they are made of a mix of elements.

taste of victory
Marco Di Costanzo, Italy, biting his bronze medal – photo by

In Rio 2016, gold medals were composed mostly by silver and 1.2% of gold; silver medals were made of silver from a variety of recycled sources and bronze medals were made of copper and zinc.The composition of the Olympic medals is decided by the committee of the host city and it varies from place to place.

Now we have clarified what’s in the medals, do you ever wonder why Olympic athletes bite their medals?

The answer to this question does not lie too far away from our daily reality: pictures. We take pictures of our pets, of our feet during the vacations, of our best memories. The athletes are humans and part of enjoying such amazing moment of celebration is to take pictures. Sometimes asked by professional photographers, athletes celebrate victory by biting into their medals. This does not go far back into historical basis, but our champions are making history through their hard training.

PS. Do not bite too strong though! Human teeth are powerful enough to impress the medals!

Ciro Zanca